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Interactive video lesson plan for: How To Make A BACK-TO-SCHOOL BOOK CAKE! Chocolate cakes inspired by the AsapSCIENCE Book!

Activity overview:

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CHOCOLATE CAKE - http://bit.ly/YosChocolateCakeRecipe - 1 x 6lb portion & 1 x 8lb portion
- Makes 1 9 x 12” cake pan and 1 12 x 15” cake pan-
3 ½ cups unsalted butter
8 ¾ cups sugar - http://bit.ly/1JIn65W
14 eggs
3 ½ cups cocoa - http://bit.ly/1fSSkvg
7 cups water
9 ½ cups flour - http://bit.ly/1UofSWo
2 tablespoons + 1 teaspoon baking soda - http://bit.ly/1O4NSVU
1 ¾ teaspoons baking powder - http://bit.ly/1IBmM3J
3 ½ teaspoons salt - http://bit.ly/1MZ6g3Y

BUTTERCREAM - http://bit.ly/YolandasButterCream
400g sugar (approx 1 ¾ cups) - http://bit.ly/1JIn65W
8 large egg whites
1lb (454 g) unsalted butter, room temperature
1 teaspoosn pure vanilla extract - http://bit.ly/1O4NXc1
1/2 cup water

SIMPLE SYRUP - http://bit.ly/YosSimpleSyrupRecipe
1 cup sugar - http://bit.ly/1JIn65W
1 cup water


41/2lbs Satin Ice White Fondant - http://bit.ly/1ifhki7
11/2lbs Satin Ice Red Fondant - http://bit.ly/1KAOBiw
Wilton Golden Yellow Icing Colour - http://bit.ly/1ExlqMI
Wilton Lemon Yellow Icing Colour - http://bit.ly/1NTQzM7
Wilton Royal Blue Icing Colour - http://bit.ly/1NTQDeM
Wilton Violet Icing Colour - http://bit.ly/1LPwiaZ
Satin Ice Gumpaste - http://bit.ly/1JIejRD
Wilton Black Icing Colour - http://bit.ly/1N5ZI4Y
Wilton FoodWriters in:
Black - http://bit.ly/1KoiuEr
Pink - http://bit.ly/1KYM8KP
Yellow - http://bit.ly/1KoiuEr
Rainbow Dust Food Pens in:
Jet Black - http://bit.ly/1MYVQkP
Royal Blue - http://bit.ly/1MYVRFn
Red - http://bit.ly/1KoiEvk
Leaf Green - http://bit.ly/1MYVVVA
Orange- http://bit.ly/1ht5ekv
Wilton Clear Piping Gel - http://bit.ly/1ifisCc


1 9” x 12” cake pan - http://bit.ly/1Jt7sbe
1 12” x 15” cake pan - http://bit.ly/1htcxss
Food Scale - http://bit.ly/1ExGse0
Electric Stand Mixer and Paddle and Whisk Attachment - http://bit.ly/1KZ5r6F
Mixing Bowl - http://bit.ly/1N7n6Pu
Parchment Paper - http://bit.ly/1O5K0DY
Candy Thermometer - http://bit.ly/1IE4fnr
Yo’s Simple Syrup Bottle - http://bit.ly/1O4Gnyg
Ruler - http://bit.ly/1Uo76HQ
Serrated knife - http://bit.ly/1Q52NRi
Rubber spatula - http://bit.ly/1NTPW55
Small offset spatula - http://bit.ly/1UiJDNI
Rolling pin - http://bit.ly/1JIcu2C
Fondant smoother - http://bit.ly/1Fe1JEd
Strip Cutter No.1 - http://bit.ly/1UiJWbc
Paring knife - http://bit.ly/1NTQY13
Bamboo Skewer - http://bit.ly/1Fe1SYj
Wilton Fondant Alphabet Letter Cutouts - http://bit.ly/1UiKr5g
Alphabet Capitals Patchwork Cutter Set - http://bit.ly/1LGEhV1
Upper Case Alphabet Block Tappit - http://bit.ly/1UiKmhO
Upper Case Script Tappit - http://bit.ly/1N5ZD1i
Lower Case Script Tappit - http://bit.ly/1PHO1Px
Fine paintbrush - http://bit.ly/1O4HrlA


Director of Photography: Chet Tilokani http://www.chet4days.com
Editor: Orhan Sumen https://vimeo.com/orhansumen
Producers: Jocelyn Mercer & Connie Contardi http://www.cjmercon.com
T-Shirt: http://www.howtocakeit.com/

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