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Interactive video lesson plan for: Mr. A's 2011 Rap: "Mathematic State of Mind"

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This video is dedicated to all my students past, present and future. I hope you always keep learning and growing.

This is my fourth annual Geometry Rap (you can find the other 3 all on YouTube). It all started when I gave my students a chance to earn some extra credit by writing a math rap or song parody. To help get them motivated I said I'd write and perform one too. It was such a hit that it has become a tradition now, and it's always a lot of fun for everyone. This year I created a full blown music video (my first real attempt at video production)- so I really hope you like it.

Thanks to my wife for her support and feedback in watching this over and over during the editing process. It wouldn't be half as good without her input.

I'd also like to thank two of my students who you will hear singing the "hooks" in between verses. The 1st verse features "Epic Diva" Bridgette, and the 2nd verse is "Totally Ninja" Kim (you can also catch some of Kim's artwork scrolling by). Thanks to both of you- I couldn't have done this without you.

We in Geometry,
that's the only place to be
Working on these mysteries,
not what they appear to be
Hail outta Northport
Strong Island NY
Proofs are never too short,
so we get our point across

When I was a youngster,
never thought that math was cool but
Then I went to college,
found that I had been a fool
Man this stuff is everywhere,
you just can't escape it
If the truth is what you seek,
then here's how you obtain it

Triangle congruence,
stuff is fundamental
When we get to doubles,
I'll try to be gentle
Then there's quadrilaterals,
Rectangles are one of those
Proofs using their properties,
we are learning to compose

A rhombus like a square,
but its got a little lean to it
Mr. A's class, don't understand
unless you been though it
I be spiked out-
I can prove most anything
tell by my attitude, that I'm most definitely from

Northport... Geometry is what we are doing- we're working with theorems
Now you're in Northport... Geometry will empower you, yes math can inspire you
let's here it for Northport- Northport- Northport....

Catch me with my boy Mr. Winter up in 202
Be there with Perico ya know math's what we like to do
You should know I love math, but I ain't obsessed though
also like to kick it flying kites and hanging with my boo

Welcome to the math wing
High School's where we turn it up
Algebra Geometry and Trig
but still it's not enough
Calc I, AB, BC, holla back
People at this level know that math is cool that's just a fact

2 thousand- students populating campus
thinkin it's a pity some of ya'll won't get this
Me I gotta plug every Monday Mathletes
presenting at math fair but only for the elite

Three dice C-lo, working probabilities
Got us past Euclidean, Rest in peace Lobachevski
Fundamental Theorem, algebra and calculus
Knowledge is eternal
I'm from the High School that's

Northport... You know we're learning mathematics, developing concepts
Now you're in Northport... Mathematics it will empower you, yes math can inspire you
let's here it for Northport- Northport- Northport....

Math is blinding
Kids need guiding
So they can reach their potential
Always keep rising
Don't become a casualty
Studying math casually
Give it everything you got
Don't seek the easy way

Caught up in the math now
Wow you never realized how
Everything's connected
math is everywhere you see it now
shapes and equations
you're seeing relations
governing behavior complex systems are amazin

Euclid took us on a trip,
Propositional logic
Notions of infinity hard at first
but then of course they stick
1600's to the next level, calculus
You gotta put some time in here
Before you join the rest of us

After High School
graduate and go to college
Don't forget the things you learned
Or how you were inspired
Maybe you'll remember me, I know I won't forget you
But if I did my job the most important things will stay with you true...

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