NTH@C Staff Q&A for Design Team

Created by Brandy Osterberger

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Question 1What are 3 things very specific to our current model that we want to make sure we don't lose?


Question 2What are some things in our practice that we can build on and make better?


Question 3What are some new strategies we could implement on our campus to make learning more engaging/challenging? (For example: Business Partnerships that allow us to partner and analyze their real-world “problems”, Business Partnerships would allow more funding to support our bigger ideas, Externships program(s) for staff, grade level projects)


Question 4What are some program ideas that we could implement on our campus to offer to specific markets? (For example: Leadership pathway, Advanced Academic 8th grade pathway, Computer Science pathway, build up Model UN, Ac Dec, Debate (as a class although not competition due to UIL), Research Pathway, AP Capstone pathway, Internship through courses, Project Lead the Way, CTE pathways like Construction Management, Law, Culinary, 911 call center certificate)


Question 5What strategies can we put into place (or are already using)
that create a safe place to fail?


Question 6How do we accomplish, working within the current constraints, the "stuff" we used to accomplish during the 10 extra days we don't have anymore? (Discussions about mission/vision, echo, LOs, data collection for learners)


Question 7How do we accomplish the Staff Development components that we used to "get" from our 2-hour Wednesday meetings during our 1-hour Wednesday meetings?
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