Comparing Coraline (Paragraph and Essay Writing)

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Comparing Coraline the Graphic Novel and Coraline the Film.During our previous lesson you came up with some fantastic evidence/examples of differences and similarities between Coraline the Film and Coraline the Graphic Novel.


Comparing and ContrastingTo compare and contrast, we need to look at the similarities and the differences. We are going to look at the worlds of the text and the characters who inhabit these worlds. This will help you to think analytically and, for some of you, set you up to write an essay paragraph - using TEEL - that compares and contrasts.


Paragraph Writing and TEEL


TEELT: Topic sentence - This is where you outline the point that you are going to make in your paragraph. e.g. The characters in the film and graphic novel interpretations of Coraline are mostly the same, however there are some characters - such as that of Wybie - which are notably different.

E: Explain - this is where you explain your point in more detail. Talk about the why and how of your opinion.

E: Evidence - this is where you put in a quote or an example that supports your reasons.

L: Link - This is where you explain how your paragraph supports the point you are making. It should look a lot like your Topic Sentence, but you need to try to use different words.


Topic Sentence






Linking Sentence


Open your OneNote to the 'Assessment Task' page in the 'Coraline - Comparative' tab.
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