reveal shisha harmful effects

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shisha has alternatives names: Nargila / hookah/water pipe/hably bably.


shisha mythMyth : smoking Shisha is less harmful than smoking cigarette
Myth : shisha smoke is filtered through water, so it filteres out harmful ingredients.
Myth: inhaling shisha smoke does not burn the lungs, so it is not unhealthy.
Myth: herbal shisha is healthier than regular shisha.
Myth: smoking shisha is not addictive as smoking a cigarette because there is no Nicotine.


ingredient of shisha tobaccomost contain of glycerin which has many use eg: laxative and as sweetner that why some will have diarrhea or have abdominal discomfort or cramps or gases
licorice: sweetner
Nicotine: 5% addictive substance
flavors: chemical ingredient


coconut charcolwhen the charcoal burn it releases different gases harmful for a human lungs when inhaled for long durations. example :CO2 and methane emissions.
methane: concentrations in an enclosed space the reduction in oxygen levels could lead to suffocation.
coconut husks consists of cellulose, lignin,( plastic fibers )pyroligneous acid, gas, charcoal, tar, tannin, and potassium.



shisha hose lab investigationsubtitle: in smoking international day a used shisha hose was investigated in the lab. the cultural smear shaws two kinds of bacteria, which can lead to different respiratory, gastric infections.


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