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Interactive video lesson plan for: How to correct someone politely? Polite English Phrases (Free English Lessons)

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How to correct someone politely? Polite English Phrases (Free English Lessons)

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In this free English lesson I am going to share with you the most polite ways to correct someone and also what you should not say while correcting someone. You will learn some useful English phrases that you can use while speaking English.

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A. Fairly polite - Phrases 1 and 2 are fairly polite. If you really want to be polite you could use these phrases:

1. I'm afraid that's not quite right.
Example: If your friend is speaking in wrong English you can tell him/her “I’m afraid that’s not quite right.”

2. Actually, I think you'll find that...
Situation: Actually, I think if you’ll look up in a grammar book, you’ll find that “is” is used for a singular.

B. LESS POLITE AND STRONGER- Phrases 3 and 4 are a little stronger and a little less polite.

3. I'm afraid you're mistaken. – This phrase can be used when somebody is sharing wrong information.
Example: A overhears B telling C that Steve Jobs is the founder of Microsoft then A can correct B saying “I’m afraid you’re mistaken but Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft.

4. I don't think you're right about –
Example: If your sister says that a McDonald's burger costs 2 $ you can reply to her saying “I don’t think you’re right about it, instead it costs 4 $ ”.

C. BLUNT AND VERY STRONG: You may upset the person you are talking to so you should be really sure about your own facts before you say one of these. (You should be 100% sure about what you’re saying)

5. No, you've got it wrong.
Example: If your daughter gets you a math problem that she has solved wrongly, you can reply to her saying “No, you’ve got it wrong”.

6. If you check your facts, you'll find...
Example: If you check your facts you’ll find that China is the most populated country in the world. (Over a general knowledge question)


7. Rubbish! / You're talking rubbish. – Extremely RUDE

8. Where did you hear that? – INSULTING
Example: You drink coffee regularly and one of your colleague tells you that coffee is bad for health, if you respond saying “where did u hear that?” it will be very insulting and your colleague will feel offended.

9. No, that's all wrong. – TOO HARSH

Golden rules for correction:

1. PRIVATE: Correction, should always take place privately or if in a classroom it should be done anonymously (shouldn’t name).
2. GENTLE: Correction should be done with love and in a soft tone of voice.
3. EXPLANATORY: Correction should always include an explanation of why you feel the correcting was needed.

Before correcting someone, especially when correcting them publicly, ask yourself this question: Will the information I give by correcting the person bring about enough “good” to offset the embarrassment the other person will feel? Only if the answer is yes should you proceed. Correction that will have the person thanking you instead of resenting you is appropriate.

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