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1. The text is an abstract of a journal article titled The Influence of Background Music on Recognition Processes of Chinese Characters: An ERP Study, which can be found on Please translate the source text into Chinese for readers oIn this paper, we employed RSS (rapid stream stimulation) paradigm to study the recognition processes of Chinese characters in background music.


Real Chinese characters (upright or rotated) were used as target stimuli, while pseudo-words were used as background stimuli. Subjects were required to detect real characters while listening to Mozart's Sonata K. 448 and in silence.


Both behavioral results and ERP results supported that Mozart's music mainly served as a distracter in the recognition processes of real Chinese characters in the experiment.


The modulation of Mozart's music on RP (recognition potential) was different across different orientations of Chinese characters; in particular, the modulation of RP elicited by upright Chinese characters was more significant, suggesting that the music factor and orientation factor interact to affect the RP component.


In brief, the simultaneous playing of Mozart's music did not improve subjects’ performance in the detection of real Chinese characters.
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