What is Alliteration

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AlliterationWho knows what alliteration is?
If you think you know what it is, type your answer below


A HintSanta slid through the slick snow swiftly.
What difference do you notice in this sentence?


What it IsAlliteration is the same letters repeated in the first letter of most and sometimes all of the letters.


CreativityTry to make your own alliterated sentence or phrase and type it in.


Question 1Is this an alliterated phrase?
I went down towards water and I knew I couldn't swim.
Type yes if you think it is. Type no if you think it isn't.


Question 2I this alliteration?
Ariel saw amazing angels all in the area at the arena. Type in your answer.


Exit TicketHow well did you comprehend this lesson?
Did you learn anything from this lesson?
Would you recommend this lesson to anyone who doesn't know what alliteration is?
How well would you rate this lesson from 1-5?


A Trick I Learned in 4th GradeLook at the word alliteration and the first letters are "all". Remember it as A for a, L for lot of, the other L is for letters. So that is "a lot of letters" You can also remember it as all (whatever the letters is).
That'll help you remember alliteration.
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