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Study Sources 1 and 2.Give two benefits of having a job according to Source 1.


Study Sources 1 and 2.Which of these benefits of having a job do you think is the most important? Explain why.


Study Sources 1 and 2.Explain why unemployment is an important global issue.


Study Source 3.‘We need more people with the skills and confidence to start small businesses to create jobs.’

How well does the writer use evidence to support this opinion? You should consider the

strengths and weaknesses of the evidence in the Source.


Study Source 3‘Locally created jobs encourage workers to have greater commitment and increased pride in

their work.’

How could you test this claim? You should include the types of information, sources of

evidence and methods you might use.


Study Source 4.Identify one fact. Explain why you think it is a fact.


Study Source 4.Identify one value judgement. Explain why you think it is a value judgement.


Study Source 4.In this discussion, whose reasoning works better, Joan’s or Ahmed’s?
In your answer you should support your point of view with their words and phrases and you
may consider:

• the strength of their knowledge claims;
• how reasonable their opinions are;
• whether you accept their values and why;
• the reliability and validity of their evidence;
• other relevant issues.
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