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Interactive presentation plan for: Difficult C1 Questions

Activity overview:

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Difficult Topics!

These are questions from topics we, at Millfield, test to struggle on in C1

Changing Atmosphere

Describe how and why the percentages of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the Earth’s atmosphere have changed from millions of years ago to today.

Miller-Urey experiment

Amino acids are essential to life.
In the 1950s the Miller-Urey experiment showed that simple amino acids, such as glycine (NH2CH2COOH), could have been produced from the Earth’s early atmosphere.
The Miller-Urey experiment showed that simple amino acids could be produced by reactions between hydrocarbons, ammonia and water.
Titan is the largest mood of Saturn and its atmosphere has been found to contain nitrogen, argon, methane, carbon monoxide and hydrogen.


In 1915, two different theories were suggested to explain the following observation: ‘In South America and Africa many animal fossils are exactly the same.

Wegener Continued

In 1912, Captain Scott led a scientific expedition to Antarctica.
The scientists collected many fossils in Antarctica. One fossil the scientists collected was Glossopteris, a tree-like plant. Glossopteris fossils had already been found in Australia and Africa.
The work of the scientists on Scott’s expedition could have provided evidence for Wegener’s theory, rather than the theory proposed by the other scientists.

Wegener Continued

In 1962, scientists produced the theory of plate tectonics.
The theory of plate tectonics supported Wegener’s theory that continents move.

Plant Oils

Plant oils are used to make margarine.
Describe the process used to make margarine from vegetable oils and describe a simple chemical test that could be used to prove the process had been successful.


Olive oil and water do not mix.
A salad dressing is made by shaking olive oil and water with an emulsifier.

Explain how these emulsifier molecules are able to produce a stable mixture after
shaking olive oil and water.

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