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Interactive video lesson plan for: Organic Chemistry 1 & 2 Study Guide Final Exam Test Review - List of Reactions & Reagents

Activity overview:

This organic chemistry study guide / final exam review can help you if you're taking either orgo 1 or 2. It contains a list of reactions and reagents that you need to know in both courses. This video can help you to do well on your organic chem midterm / semester exams. You should also use any pdf study guides that you have to study for your test.

Here is a list of topics:
1. Electrophilic Addition Reactions of Alkenes
2. Hydrohalogenation of Alkenes With HBr and HCl
3. Acid Catalyzed Hydration Reaction Mechanism - H3O+ or H2O and H+
4. Hydroboration - Oxidation - B2H6 or BH3, THF, H2O2, and OH-
5. Oxymercuration - Demercuration - Hg(OAc)2, H2O, and NaBH4
6. Epoxidation of Alkenes Using a Peroxyacid - RCO3H or MCPBA
7. Bromination of Alkenes Using Br2 and CH2Cl2 or CCl4
8. Halohydrin Using Br2 and H2O
9. Simmons Smith Reaction - CH2I2, Zn(Cu) - Cyclopropane Ring - Carbene Intermediate
10. Alkyne Synthesis Reactions - NaNH2 with CH3Br
11. Alkynes, Enols, Aldehydes & Ketones - R2BH, THF, H2O2, OH- or HgSO4, H2O, H2SO4
12. SN2, SN1, E1, and E2 Reactions - Summary Chart & Practice Problems
13. Inversion of Stereochemistry, Racemic Mixture, Rate Laws, Substrates, Leaving Groups, Nucleophile
14. Carbocation Rearrangements - Hydride & Methyl Shift
15. Alcohol Reactions & Alkyl Halides - HBr, SOCl2, and PBr3 - SN1 vs SN2
16. Oxidation of Alcohols to Ketones, Aldehydes & Carboxylic Acids Using PCC, KMnO4 / H3O+, Na2Cr2O7 / H2SO4, H2CrO4, and CrO3
17. Reduction of Ketones & Aldehydes to Alcohols Using NaBH4, and LiAlH4
18. Organometallic Reagents - Grignard - CH3MgBr or RMgBr, Organolithium - CH3Li or RLi, and Gilman - (CH3)2CuLi or R2CuLi
19. Reduction of Acid Chlorides to Aldehydes Using DIBAH
20. Acid Catalyzed Cleavage of Ethers Using HI, HBr, and HCl
21. Acid and Base Catayzed Ring Opening of Epoxides
22. 1,3 - Butadiene with HBr, Br2, and BrCl, 1,2 addition vs 1,4 addition - Kinetic vs Thermodynamic Product
23. Diels Alder Reaction - 4 + 2 Cycloaddition - Diene vs Dienophile
24. Reactions of Aldehydes & Ketones - Carbonyl Compounds
25. Direct Alkylation Using LDA or NaH Followed By CH3Br - Enolate Ions
26. Formation of Imines & Enamines, HVZ Reaction, Wittig & Haloform Reaction
27. Alpha Hydrogen Substitution Reactions & Acetal Protecting Groups
28. Carboxylic Acid Derivatives - Acid Chlorides, Anhydrides, Amides, & Esters
29. Reaction Synthesis of Primary and Secondary Amines Using NaN3, NaNH2, and NaCN
30. Reductive Amination of Ketones - Using LiAlH4, NaBH3CN, or H2 / Pd
31. Hoffman & Cope Elimination - Deamination of Amines into Alkenes - Exhaustive Methylation & Amine Oxides
32. Hoffman and Curtius Rearrangement, Gabriel Synthesis Reactions Using Phthalamide
33. Benzene Reactions - Electrophilic and Nucleophilic Aromatic Substitution Reactions
34. Nitration - HNO3 / H2SO4, Bromination Br2 / FeBr3, Sulfonation SO3 / H2SO4
35. Chlorination - Cl2 / FeCl3, Fridel Crafts Alkylation & Acylation, Iodination, & Side Chain Reactions
36. Ortho Para Activators vs Meta Directing Deactivators
37. Aromatic Heterocycles - Pyridine, Pyrrole, Furan, and Thiophene
38. Aldol Condensation Reaction, Crossed & Mixed - Alpha Beta Unsaturated Carbonyl Compound
39. Claisen Ester Condensation Reaction Mechanism
40. Acetoacetic and Malonic Ester Synthesis Reaction
41. Robinson Annulation Reaction - Michael Addition and Intramolecular Aldol Reaction
42. Radical, Cationic, and Anionic Polymerization of Alkenes

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