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Interactive video lesson plan for: How to Use Mnemonics

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Standing in the wrong parking lot looking for your car -- again? You're not losing your mind, but you may find these memory devices useful.

Step 1: Break info into small bits
Break information into small bites and memorize, then add another item and build a list. Write the information down in small groups and repeat it.

Reading and then reciting words takes the few seconds necessary to convert short-term recognition to long-term memory.

Step 2: Memorize landmarks
Try the Method of Loci, which involves memorizing landmarks and surroundings and the items in the room or location. Practice mentally going about a location, picking up objects you have set near architectural specifics.

Step 3: Group the information
Group information with related things you already know, so the association with old knowledge helps you remember new information .

Studies suggest that there is less interference and less loss of memory when the information taken in is associated with other similar facts or things.

Step 4: Remember facial features
Link a face with a name by noting and committing to memory distinctive facial characteristics.

Step 5: Use acronyms
Rely on acronyms, to remember the Great Lakes -- Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, Superior -- for instance. Use small packets of shortcut information to trigger the larger supply.

Step 6: Create acrostic links
Create acrostic links by making up silly sentences that create a sort of acronym shortcut. Remember the grocery list with "Mean Mr. Mustard sleeps on the dock," so that you recall: mayo, mints, mustard, saltines, and dog food.

Step 7: Rhyme, create songs
Rhyme words to hold them in mind, like "I before E except after C." Make up songs that rhyme the words you don't want to lose.

Step 8: Remember constantly
Practice remembering things constantly, as a personal challenge or a game. Go out of your way to test your ability and improve it.

Did You Know?
Greek orators conceived of the Method of Loci around the fifth century BCE, when Simonides of Ceos was able to identify the bodies after a building collapsed because he had noted where all the people had been standing.

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