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Interactive video lesson plan for: Mr. A's 2013 Math Rap - "Math Workshop"

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This is my 2013 Math Rap done to the song "Thrift Shop," by Macklemore x Ryan Lewis -

This video is the 6th in a series than began my first year of teaching. What started out as a way to gets students to do some extra credit has turned into an annual ritual where I create a new Math/Geometry rap at the end of each school year and perform it for my students. All 6 videos are available if you click on my channel at then on the "Math Raps" playlist.

Over the years the raps have gotten better, and I've recently began producing full blown videos (such as this one) to each rap. I hope you enjoy them and will share them with others. I'm just trying to share my love of math with the world and I figure, what better way to do it than through hip hop music?

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Help me get the word out about how awesome Mathematics is!

Thanks for watching!

By the way, if the only song you know by Macklemore is Thrift Shop you should check them out on iTunes. These guys have put out a ton of really excellent stuff!


"Hey Mr. A, can we do proof writing?"

I'm gonna write some proofs
Generating new Truth's from my noggin
I- I- I'm hunting, looking for a proof box
Math is freaking awesome

Walk into the class like what up? You look a bit stuck-
Ahh, I'm just pumped up on some stuff I learned at a workshop
Rappin again- just trying to reach ya
Kids be like, "Damn, that's a cool math teacher"
Working in Geometry, Theorems be surrounding me
Love to solve for x with a proportional- when it's mean
Find locus of the points- got the fundamental five
Kinda stuck- equidistant from this line and a point
Turns out- that it's Parabolic!
I be marking and plotting it, maybe later start constructin it
Turns out it's expressed as a function of x when solving it
My boy Liam Neeson does
Geometry in Taken 2
Be careful, intersecting circles gonna lead him straight to you
Imma work in Euclid's style, Imma work in Euclid's style
No for real- everything from postulates I will derive
Congruent triangles and lots of circle theorems
The meaning of constructions and Pythgorean thm
Started with a chalkboard- now I'm on a Smartboard
Still got some manipulatives- I made out of cardboard
Big rappers may be Rollin in a Benzo
But Jay Z aint got nothin on my math game- hell no
I can take some old tricks, make 'em cool teach those
Geometry kids'll be like, "Aw, he got the proofs yo"

CHORUS Two Times

What you know about creating truth from a concept
What you knowin about proof by contradiction
well check it, it's like this, I'm making certain assumptions
Then I'm carefully deducting till I get something from nothin
Thank your Greek friends for creating logical discussion (thank you)
Cause everyday in class we stuntin
I'm in the classroom you can find me with the kids
Always see me working hard to try and make 'em think
Perimeter, area, Similar figures
We'll take intrinsic properties of objects and we'll and well make some conclusions for ya!
We're ready anytime to draw some conclusions for ya!
We use a proof box once we prove those conclusions for Ya!
They be like, Hey- Mr. A that's pretty cool but seriously
When are we I ever going to use this?
Mathematic knowledge is more than simple addition
Problem solving, with precision making arguments I'm telling you this
Without math you'll get swindled and tricked
Without math get fooled by statistics
Yeah math is pretty tough-
But I'm putting you all on notice- if you tell me you can't do it I'mma call your bluff
Neo found out when he went to see the Oracle
Understand the world without math? man you hella won't
Man you hella won't

"Mr. A, it's proofing time"

I'm gonna write some proofs
Generating new Truth's from my noggin
I- I- I'm hunting, looking for a proof box
Math is freaking awesome

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