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Great things happen when your students learn together

What happens when you bring collaborative learning to the classroom?

Collaborative learning allows students to interact with each other, work on their social skills and develop in a supportive environment. This gives them the chance to reach their goals by learning from their peers and progress according to their individual abilities.

Studies have shown that learning together:

  • raises achievement
  • encourages individual accountability
  • allows students to develop a regard for others

Spiral easily integrates collaborative learning into your classroom.

Our apps

Our evolving range of complementary apps build into one collaborative platform

Quickfire Get your whole class involved in question and answer activities.
Quickfire - EdTech for quick Q&As in class
Discuss Create interactive presentations to spark creativity in class.
Team Up Improve the process and outcomes of group work.

Progress reports

All student responses are saved, allowing formative assessment and progress tracking, resulting in personal learning journeys

Quickfire - Free EdTech app for quick Q&As in class
Empower your students to participate and share ideas
Monitor individual students and provide proactive support
Enhance communication between you and your students
Facilitate real-time collaborative learning

Co-created with the world's #1 education experts

Spiral is developed in partnership with UCL’s Institute of Education, ranked first in the world for education by QS World University Subject Ranking, to ensure pedagogy is at the heart of our development process.

"We particularly value The Social Learning Network's commitment to grounding design work in the close study of schools, and of teachers' practices; this is a good fit with our research-led ethos."

Professor Martin Oliver, Institute of Education, University College London.

What teachers are saying

Spiral is being used in 142 countries and counting...

Feedback about Spiral by Pól Ó Maidín @PM9090

Spiral speaks for itself. I particularly liked how easy it is to add questions mid lesson! #Recommended

Feedback about Spiral by Room 220 Math Stars @3rdgradeBCE

Using @SpiralEducation in class for math review. Student approved! Thumbs up! Thanks.

Feedback about Spiral by Miss Ord @ordmiss

Absolutely amazing collaboration from year 10 today. 100% engagement and constant smiles from all #lovetsla #spiral

Feedback about Spiral by Adam J. Stryker @strykerstennis

Students show better Interpersonal Writing skills than Speaking via @SpiralEducation Great #data #langchat folks!

Feedback about Spiral by Dr Ayla Göl @iladylayla

A good tool for supporting active #learning.

Feedback about Spiral by Brett Erenberg @BrettErenberg

The Team Up app is unlike anything I have ever seen. You left NOTHING out! So impressed!

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